He Is

Almost ten years ago, I had the privilege of attending an Aaron Jeoffrey’s concert with my sister.  I don’t remember a lot about the evening, except for this.

As my sister and I took our seats at the beginning of the concert, I noticed the lady sitting next to me had tears in her eyes.  For the entire evening, she gently wiped the tears as the man sitting beside her offered her comfort by stroking her back, holding her hand or simply smiling at her.  Not knowing her, I simply acted as though I didn’t notice her tears.  After all, I didn’t want to make her (or myself) feel even more uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the concert, the father and son duo of Aaron Jeoffreys began singing a song.  As the words entered my ears and the impact of them entered my heart, I no longer felt anything but the presence of God.  In fact, I felt it stronger at that moment than I ever had before. 

The song was entitled  “He Is”.  It begins in Genesis and proceeds through the entire Bible, identifying what God is to us in each of the books.

When Revelation came, this lady and I were both on our feet.  Without even thinking, and before I even knew how it had happened, we were embracing and praising our Lord together. She and I both had tears….only these were tears of thanksgiving, tears of joy, tears of victory!

Today, maybe you have forgotten ALL that God is in and for you!  How we need to be reminded of ALL that HE IS and the difference this makes in our life.

As you watch this video may you, too, come to experience the majesty, the sovereignty, the power, and the love of our God as never before.  Don’t be surprised if you, too, shed tears of joy, victory and thanksgiving.

Who is like our God?  No one!  There is only one true God and HE IS!


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  1. He truly is our, my, EVERYTHING! thank-you Jesus!

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